Wood-Destroying Insect/WDI Inspections
What Exactly is a WDI Inspection?
When obtaining a mortgage or a mortgage guarantee to finance the purchase of a home, you most likely
will be required to obtain a WDI inspection by the bank, the mortgage company, or the guarantor (FHA,
VA, HUD, etc.).

Although commonly referred to as a "Termite Inspection", WDI stands for "Wood-Destroying Insects". A
proper WDI inspection looks for evidence of infestation of
ALL Wood-Destroying Insects, including but
not limited to: Termites, Carpenter Ants, Powder-Post Beetles, Carpenter Bees, etc. as well as evidence of
past infestations, damage to wood, or conditions conducive to infestation. The term WDO stands for
"Wood-Destroying Organism," and is also sometimes used.

The Importance of Getting a Proper WDI Inspection
Let's start by making three things clear:

  • First, when you are buying a home, Assassin Exterminating is working for you -- not the real estate
    agent, and not the seller. You, not them, are the one who will be stuck with the bill if the home you
    buy turns out to have a Termite or other WDI problem that is not detected during the pre-sale

  • Secondly, understand that a proper Termite and WDI inspection of an existing house will usually
    take close to an hour, or sometimes even longer. Don't let anyone try to pressure you or the
    inspector into rushing through an inspection. If the real estate agent has another appointment to
    get to, that's their problem.

  • Finally, understand that a proper WDI inspection costs money. Assassin Exterminating spends
    time obtaining Continuing Education Units (CEU), certifications, inspection equipment, and
    insurance in order to provide you with the best WDI inspection possible. So be very suspicious of
    companies offering cut-rate or "quickie" WDI inspections. As with anything else, you generally get
    what you pay for.

Many people look at the pre-sale WDI inspection as an annoyance imposed by their bank. But the reality
is that Termites and other Wood-Destroying Insects effect more than 4 million U.S. homeowners yearly
and cause damage totaling over $5 billion annually. That is more damage than is caused by all fires,
storms and earthquakes combined. In view of this, it's obvious that a proper and thorough inspection by a
qualified WDI inspector is always in the buyer's best interest, and should be looked upon as an important
part of the home-buying process.
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Why Choose Assassin Exterminating For Your WDI Inspection?
At Assassin Exterminating, we understand that for most folks, their homes are their biggest investment.
We know that when we inspect a house, we are becoming part of the biggest personal financial decision
that most of our clients will ever make. And we take that responsibility seriously.

All of our inspectors are State-Certified and are Fully Accredited under the Texas Department of
Agriculture, Structural Pest Control Service and have a minimum of 10 years experience in performing
Wood-Destroying Insect inspections.  As we are sure you already know, going through the home
purchasing process is incredibly stressful. Assassin Exterminating likes to make this process of
purchasing a home as least stressful as possible so you can get back to worrying about other things like
"How am I going to fit the leather sectional through the front door?"  You will feel confident knowing that
your taking one of life's biggest steps with a true professional leading the way.
How Do I Get a Proper WDI Inspection?
A proper Termite and WDI inspection consists of several steps, which may not necessarily occur in this

  • An inspection of the exterior of the home, looking for signs of Termite activity (such as Termite Mud
    Tubes), as well as conditions conducive to Termite and other WDI infestation (such as wood that is
    too close to the ground, dead tree stumps by the house, improper grading, leaky gutters or
    downspouts, or tree branches overhanging and touching the home). The inspector will also look for
    evidence of infestation by other Wood-Destroying Insects, such as Carpenter Bees or Carpenter
    Ants as noted above.

  • An inspection of the interior of the home, with special emphasis on the basement (if any), crawl
    space, garage, door and window frames, and other areas that are particularly prone to WDI
    infestation. This part of the inspection will be both visual and physical, and typically involves
    visually inspecting, tapping, probing, and sounding susceptible wood. The inspector will also be
    looking for live Termites or other insects, dead Termite "Swarmers", other evidence of infestation
    (tubing, frass, signs of prior treatments, etc.), damaged wood, and conditions conducive to
    infestation (such as excessive moisture levels).
  • A detailed written summary of the inspection results is then provided to the Purchaser. This
    includes a standardized inspection form developed by the National Pest Management Association
    and adopted by various state and federal agencies, and may sometimes include additional
    documents attached by the inspector to clarify the inspection findings.

  • When evidence of a past or present WDI infestation, damage due to an infestation, or conditions
    conducive to infestation are found, the inspector will usually attach his or her remediation
    recommendations and/or an estimate for treatment.
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